Community housing

Brick by Brick is a community housing project and social center that is being built in Parc Extension to meet the needs of its diverse residents. 

Starting in the summer of 2018, Brick by Brick will offer affordable well-maintained apartments as well as shared space where activities can be made accessible to the community at large.


Community bonds

Brick by Brick issues community bonds to finance community housing. These bonds generate a steady revenue for investors and offset the negative impact of gentrification by building accessible housing for low-income tenants. 


Each bond you buy helps to finance a building that will:

  • Provide affordable housing, accessible creative facilities, childcare and food security.
  • Bring together a diversity of people who face systemic discrimination in a supportive environment that facilitates personal growth.
  • Engage residents in Brick by Brick management and offer training to ensure their success. 

After your bond matures, you get back whatever you put in, plus interest.

Invest this winter and receive a $423 bonus.

Early investors benefit from a $423 bonus on every $5000 bond they purchase.


Upcoming events

Join us on Saturday February 3rd for a community lunch from noon to 2pm at the William Hingston Center.

κοινοτικό γεύμα / کمیونٹی دوپہر کا کھانا

सामुदायिक भोजन / manje midi nan kominote a
almuerzo comunitario / chakula cha mchana

کمیونٹی دوپہر کا کھانا / 社区午餐

About our building

Brick by Brick will house over 50 tenants and help to keep Parc Extension diverse and dynamic for generations to come. We believe that innovative approaches to social change are the key to turning today's challenges into opportunities.


Winner of the Next City Big Idea Challenge 2017


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